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Ducati November 8, 2017 posted by

Barely Ridden Race Replica: 2002 Ducati 998S Troy Bayliss Edition

By 2002, the evolution Ducati began with the 916 was nearing the end of its rope, as age and the need to advance took their toll on the range. That didn't stop Duc from taking one more stab at making the bikes faster and more competitive, though, and the year saw the release of the 998, which had the then-new Testastretta motor punched out to 998cc, and spitting out 123 horsepower, 11 more than the previous 996.

2002 Ducati 998S Troy Bayliss edition for sale on eBay

The work paid off, and the bike carried Aussie Troy Bayliss to the 2001 World Superbike Championship. This 2002 Ducati 998S is number 354 of the run of 400 special edition 998s that commemorated Bayliss' success. It recently was treated to a thorough going over at a dealership in Richmond, Va., likely to brush off the cobwebs accumulated from sitting.

The bike should now be perfect mechanically and cosmetically, having only covered 403 miles in its 15 years.

From the eBay listing:

We are pleased to offer arguably the finest low mileage (403miles) Bayliss Edition outside of a museum. The attached photos will tell the whole story. Since receiving the bike, we have thoroughly serviced and cleaned, Dyno tested and made ready for sale this impeccable example of the timeless Limited Edition Superbike; including the original plaque and cover . The bike is for sale at our store locally. All sales are FOB at our Richmond, Virginia location. We will assist in shipping. Shipping cost are at Buyers expense. Due to the local offering we reserve the right to end the auction at anytime.

Limited Edition - Number 354 of 400

All Sales are final!!!

Thank you!!!

It is being sold by the dealership that did the work, and they are asking a premium, given the bike's rarity and the fact that it has not been ridden in anger. Values on these have been working their way up, but $25k is still a big ask for a 15-year-old superbike.

Barely Ridden Race Replica: 2002 Ducati 998S Troy Bayliss Edition
Kawasaki August 22, 2017 posted by

Depreciation Dance: 2016 Kawasaki H2 For Sale on eBay

When you could still order one, a 2017 Kawasaki Ninja H2 would run you $28,000, dear for a sportbike, to be sure, but somehow still less than a Harley Road King.

2016 Kawasaki Ninja H2 for sale on eBay

Give the thing a year, though, and just under 1,000 miles of use, and the prices will fall below the $20k mark, just like this 2016 model, listed at $18,999 buy-it-now. It's still a lot to ask for what is, after all, a used motorcycle, but there are not and never will be many H2s, so depreciation shouldn't be a huge concern for too much longer.

As you would expect with any next-to-new bike, this one is spotless, though the tires look as if it was not babied for its 924-mile life. There is very little in the way of a description, but if you don't know about these things, chances are you ain't lookin' for one.

In case you do need a refresher, here is the quick and dirty: 998cc inline four, ~210 horsepower, supercharger, 530 lb wet, ABS, traction control and launch control.

From the listing:

2016 Kawasaki ninja h2 with 924 miles, showroom immaculate condition. No test rides until it's paid for in full, buyer is responsible for shipping Contact with any questions

If you have the means ...

Depreciation Dance: 2016 Kawasaki H2 For Sale on eBay
Egli March 22, 2017 posted by

Frame Game: 1976 Honda EGLI Kit on eBay!

I KNOW what you are thinking... since when did RSBFS start pimping push bikes??! Yes, I can see that this bike is missing a few bits that would make it a full motorcycle. But the bits that are there are truly worthy of notice. Pay attention - this is an opportunity that you will not likely see again.

1976 Egli Honda CB750 Roller on eBay

Egli was founded by Swiss motorcycle racer Fritz Egli in the mid 1960s. Initially, Fritz modified existing motorcycles for competition. As Fritz got deeper into racing, his modifications became more sophisticated. Soon he was racing on a chassis of his own making. When Egli frames started winning hill climb events, people took notice. The original Egli frame was based on a Vincent Black Shadow. Today, Egli is much better known for work encasing Japanese engines in strange and functional steel creations. Consider Egli the Swiss cousin to Bimota - offering frame and bodywork kits with some assembly required.

We don't see very many Egli machines on RSBFS - these are very rare productions. In fact, the last Egli we posted was in 2014, was located in Switzerland, and had an opening bid of $55,000 USD. Given the kit bike nature, each machine is slightly different and could be considered a one-off, custom build. That is, if you can find one for sale. But never before have we witnessed an un-assembled roller chassis. This is a first. And check out that "backbone spine as oil tank" feature built right into the frame - how cool is that?

From the seller:
For your consideration is a very rare, original 1976 Egli-Honda CB750 chassis! From what I can see the frame and its components have NEVER BEEN USED! Original Michelin tires made in France with full tread, all brake pads are brand new, no marks or scoring on the frame or any bolts showing a motor was ever mounted to the frame, and no scoring whatsoever on the disc rotors! Both front and rear Brembo masters are completely dry. This gem has Marzocchi front suspension, Koni rear shocks, Lockheed calipers, Swiss made EGLI-VINCENT wheels, Brembo masters, Verlicchi clip-ons, billet aluminum rear set mounts and rear engine mounts, Rhino triple clamp, and a nickel plated frame that WEIGHS 17.5 LBS!! This roller is light! The original rear fender appears new and the underside is extremely dirt or nicks. The gas tank and seat are in very good condition. They show some age. There is a small crack...approx 1".. in the fiberglass rear section (see pics) The seat has one very small tear on the underside about 1/2 inch long, otherwise the seat padding is in fantastic condition for its age! I have some extra unpainted fairings that may fit on the 750, but I'm not certain.

More from the seller:
This is truly an amazing find. It has been sitting for quite some time and the frame has oxidation on it. The whole bike could use a good cleaning..I only cleaned the fiberglass, nothing else. There is surface rust in some areas. PLEASE ZOOM IN AND CHECK OUT ALL PICTURES CLOSELY. The aluminum gas cap wont turn, and I don't want to force it. I believe it is stuck on the steel ring on the tank. Inside the oil tank there is some surface rust, but nothing metal rescue couldn't handle. I'm trying to devulge everything I know. I don't want the buyer to have any surprises,. Please ask questions. I spoke to Egli Motorrad and they confirmed that this kit was sold to a buyer in the United States on 11-15-1976. I have a letter of authenticity signed by the man himself, FRITZ EGLI, which will be included in the sale. (see pic) Also included is a parts list packet with exploded views. There is no choice for Bill of Sale so I marked CLEAR. ****I DO NOT HAVE A TITLE SINCE THESE WERE USED FOR RACING...BILL OF SALE ONLY. ****

So what might this beauty look like when completed? This is not a picture of the actual bike, but another Egli Honda CB750 build I found on the internet looked like this:

So do I still need to detail how rare an opportunity this might be? Sure, there is some work involved (actually, a ton of work). But the end result is both artwork and performance; a truly custom sport bike that makes a mockery of modern day "customs." It will take a special buyer to take this and create a what-could-have-been type of bike, but I have no doubt it will be worth the effort. Others think so as well, given that the current bidding sits just under $5k with a reserve still in place. There are only a few days to go on this unicorn, so check it out here before it's gone; you're not likely to see another like it again.


Ducati October 14, 2016 posted by

Featured Listing: 2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss LE for Sale

Update 2.20.2017: Price is now $17k and links are updated. -dc


Regardless of how you feel about the Ducati 999, it was a significant failure in terms of sales for the company, something they could ill-afford for their flagship product. Although it was an improvement in virtually every way when compared to the outgoing 998, Ducati's conservative fan base never really warmed to the bike's wildly futuristic looks or the practical, but more conventional double-sided swingarm... But all was forgiven when Ducati released the 1098, and the bike restored their reputation while mechanically offering further refinement of the four-valve L-twin engine and trellis-framed package that culminated in today’s Featured 1098R, the pinnacle of the range. Both the 1098 and the little-brother 848 proved popular among Ducatisti and paved the way for today's radical, frameless Panigale.


As is often the case with homologation bikes like the 1098R, there’s much more going on than meets the eye. Ducati’s R models are intended to qualify their bikes for WSBK racing and, by the time the 1098 rolled around, Superbikes and their roadgoing counterparts shared more parts than ever before, making this R very much a “race bike for the road.”


The 1098R’s Testastretta Evoluzione L-twin was fully kitted out with titanium connecting rods and valves to save weight and decrease the mass of reciprocating parts so the bike revs faster than the standard version, in spite of the slightly longer stroke. Unlike the current Panigale R model, the 1098R is actually bigger than the standard bike at 1198.4cc which, coincidentally, is the upper limit for bikes wishing to compete in WSB. Perhaps most impressively, the service intervals remain the same as for a regular 1098 which was, in itself, a vast improvement over the earlier bikes.


Power is a claimed 180hp, or 189 with the included Termignoni exhaust and race ECU combo, up a full 20+hp over the standard bike. Torque is a stump-pulling 99ft-lbs, or 9ft-lbs over the regular 1098 and a factory slipper clutch helps keep the rear tire in contact with the road during aggressive downshifts. The R was also the first production bike to feature a sophisticated traction control system that, rather than being a safety net, is actually a go-faster aid! Ducati’s “DTC” requires the installation of the race ECU and exhaust to function. That’s likely because this is exactly the same system fitted to the WSBK machines, although with 8 levels of intervention to suit each rider’s individual preference, you don’t necessarily need to be Troy Bayliss to appreciate the technology.


With all that impressive engine performance, it’s easy to overlook the suspension, but the bike delivers there as well: the rear Öhlins TTX36 twin-tube shock was one of the most sophisticated units available at the time, and offers up a surprisingly compliant ride for such a heart-attack serious, track-focused bike.

From the seller: 2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss LE for Sale

The 1098R Bayliss LE is one of the more interesting of the Ducati line in terms of nomenclature.

Not to be shy, Ducati stuffed the 90° V-twin Testastretta Evoluzione into the 1098 for an 1198cc version of the bike with Carbon Fiber Body Work, Forged Marchesini Wheels and Ohlin's Suspension to homologate the 1098R. Nothing like cubic inches. Ducati, along with Troy Bayliss, immediately won the 2008 WSBK Championship with the race version of the bike. Ducati, in their infinite wisdom, then issued 500 Limited Edition Bayliss 1098R's for sale the following year to celebrate their victory.

New, the bike listed for $43,995. It was the same time period of the Desmosedici RR and both bikes were ridden back to back by testers in the day. Some felt the 1098R was a better track bike and the price difference being $30,000 between it and the Desmosedici, a natural choice for use besides there being 1500 Desmo's sold to the R's 500.

This particular bike was purchased new at a NC Ducati Dealer. It was ridden by a mature enthusiast who could afford the bike and the care it required. This bike has had a couple of track days on it and is outfitted at such.

-Ohlins SBK Valving
-Ohlins Fork setup for a 250lb rider
-Vortex Rearsets
-Full Termignoni Race System
-Translogic Quick Shifter
-Afam Quick Change Sprocket Carrier
-Ducati Performance Open Clutch Cover
-Ducati Performance Slipper Clutch
-Dzus Fastener Kit

This bike was also had the revised version of the traction control that originally came out on the 2008 Ducati 1098Rs.

Reason For Sale
One thing that was soon discovered with the bike is that with the older age of the owner it was too fast for his speed of racing and it is not much of a day to day street bike that does not get its legs stretched regularly. It was not ridden too much over the years with 5172 miles now showing. Most of the miles were when the bike was fairly new and it was kept for it's esthetic value until recently. Now it is time to share the bike with a new home or track.

The bike did experience a low slide on wet pavement which cracked the rear tail section. A used tail section can be had in the 1200 range. The price on the bike reflects the cost associated with getting the tail section repaired or replaced.

The selling price is $18000. VIN#ZDM1XBHW99B021570. No Trades or Test rides.

The 1098 looks a bit like it was designed by committee to reference the 916 wherever possible instead of forging its own style but there's no arguing that it is a very sleek machine, and the electronics package, while a bit primitive by modern standards, was nonetheless very effective. The Bayliss-replica graphics may not appeal to everyone but are very striking, and the bike won't be mistaken for a run-of-the-mill 1098 or, heaven forfend, an 848. The cracked tail section is a shame, but is a simple fix and it's good to know that the bike is actually being ridden and could be looked at as a badge of honor: "Oh, that? Yeah, lost the front end going into a corner at the track last weekend." If you're looking for a genuine, high-performance collectible Ducati that can still cut it on track or as the centerpiece of your collection, this 1098R certainly fits the bill.

Find this Ducati 1098R Bayliss on Greensboro Craiglist



Featured Listing: 2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss LE for Sale
Honda September 22, 2016 posted by

Admit it, you want one: Honda Motocompo units (3) for sale on ebay.

motocompocombine3Let me begin this post by saying I expect some fans of this site may dispute whether a Honda Motocompo should ever appear on this site.  Some will probably even suggest I have  managed to place my head in the vicinity of my prostate.   But the typical qualifications for a RSBFS post are usually some combination of the following factors; technology, condition, numbers/years produced, location and/or historical significance and the Motocompo certainly meets as many of these conditions as a lot of other bikes we post here on RSBFS (ex: 3rd gen GSXR750, Kawasaki ZX6).  Obviously it isn't going to be fast, but damn it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Sold for only 3 years , the Honda Motocompo came with a "peppy" 50cc Honda motor but the real appeal of the bike was its folding design with the handlebars, pegs and seats folding into the body, leaving a unit able to fit into the trunks of small Honda/"city" automobiles.  I guess the idea was for places where traffic was incredibly bad (like Tokyo) you park your car at a train station or carpark and then ride this the rest of the way to office.


Sales were actually pretty good with an estimated 53,000 being sold by the end of production in 1985.  However the Motocompo was never offically imported into the US so having 3 for sale at the same time on ebay us in the US is pretty unusal.

Note:  For a lot of people, the bike is best remembered for its marketing campaign that included advertisements featuring the 1980's band Madness, perhaps best remembered here in the states for the song "Our House".


Here is the first one, located in Oklahoma of all places.


Here is the second one, located near Los Angeles


And here is the third one, located in southern california too.  This one has a link to lots of pictures embedded in the ebay post and there is even a video of the third bike running (embedded below).


Okay, so now the question - what  is a bike that seems to exist to remind people of Scooter from the 1980's GoBots cartoon actually worth?   Well this is the first time we have put a Motocompo up on RSBFS and were never sold in the US so historical prices are a bit of a guess.  The only other info I found was an ebay listing from back in April of this year with what looks to be a successful bidding price of about $2,000 USD.   Note - it may be that one of these bikes is that bike again, being flipped by the previous buyer

The current bidding/Buy-It-Now prices for these three are all over the place, with the first and second both being offered with prices over $4500 but having Make Offer options.  The third is being sold as an auction with a price as of writing this post of around $1,500 USD...

Personally I think this bike looks like it would be a total hoot to have around the garage/workshop.  Yes I know the chances of it appreciating in value are about as high as Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt getting remarried but collectors are a funny bunch sometimes and you never really know what might pop in value down the road.   Also something like this might be a fun way to introduce a youngster to riding...or maybe cruise around campus...heck, it might even make a good joke to pull on a teenager who has been nagging their parents about owning a bike (Parents: "We bought you a bike!"  Child: "Wow, you guys are the coolest!"  Parents: "Here it is!"  Child: <crickets>).


Admit it, you want one:  Honda Motocompo units (3) for sale on ebay.
Ducati February 15, 2016 posted by

Featured Listing: 2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss LE for Sale

Update 2.15.2016: Now on eBay. Good luck to buyers and seller. -dc

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss R Side

Designed to bring sex appeal and sales success back to Ducati after the aesthetically disappointing 999, the 1098 was a visual restyle and mechanical evolution of their four-valve superbike line introduced in 2007. Although styling is subjective, it's pretty clear that the redesign resonated with fans of the marque and the bike was a big seller for Ducati. Today's Featured 1098R represents the very top of the range.

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss L Front

While that little letter at the end of the name looks pretty innocuous, the Ducati's "R" models are homologation specials that share little besides the silhouette, engine cases, and frame with their more common siblings. A larger bore and shorter stoke, combined with titanium rods and valves to save weight, let the bike rev higher and harder: with the race kit installed, the bike made a claimed 189hp. The R in fact displaces a full 1198cc, which is just a hair less than WSB regulations allow for v-twins.

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss R Fairing

But it wasn't just the hard parts that were special: the bike included the cutting-edge Ducati Datalogging Analyzer and the first traction control ever fitted to a road-legal motorcycle. This sophisticated Ducati Traction Control system featured 8 levels of control designed to help riders go faster, safer, something that is now the norm on high-performance sportbikes.

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss Dash

Today's R is just that little bit more special, done up in Troy Bayliss replica colors. Possibly not the most subtle paint scheme, but there's no denying that rider's impressive career and longstanding relationship with Ducati, as he rode their bikes to three World Superbike championships.

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss L Tail

From the seller: 2009 Ducati 1098R LE Bayliss Replica for Sale

The 1098R Bayliss LE is one of the more interesting of the Ducati line in terms of nomenclature. In 2007 Ducati came out with the 1098 which was had as it’s heart, a 1099cc engine. It brought back the styling presence lost by the 999 with it’s two sided rear swing arm, attending body work and exhaust. Real world acceptance of Ducati had started with the 916, the most iconic vision of a motorcycle ever produced with it’s single sided rear swing arm and huge racing successes. The 999 never really jelled with buyers despite being a better motorcycle in most respects. Ducati was not lost to the conclusion.

The 1098 came back to it’s successful styling clues even if it meant compromises in handing capacity due to it’s layout. Despite this, Ducati was able to improve the handling and power of the bike over the 999 and they flew off the floor. There were three models, the base 1098, the 1098S and 1098R. The 999 had proven to Ducati that they had reached the physical and mechanical endurance limits of competitive racing in WSBK, which up to 2008, limited the displacement of twins to 1000cc. By introducing the 1098 in 2007, an engine that was larger then the WSBK limit for twins, Ducati stacked the deck with the threat of removing it’s self from world class competition. Much hand wringing and lobbing latter, WSBK eventually increased this limit for twins to 1200cc for the 2008 season assuming that this would create an equal playing field for all of the manufactures. The only ones happy with this were Ducati with Suzuki threatening, rightfully, to withdraw at the perceived disadvantage of displacement regardless of the fact that the twins could only be modified from the factory build slightly.

Not to be shy, Ducati stuffed the 90° V-twin Testastretta Evoluzione into the 1098 for an 1198cc version of the bike with Carbon Fiber Body Work, Forged Marchesini Wheels and Ohlin’s Suspension to homologate the 1098R. Nothing like cubic inches. Ducati, along with Troy Bayliss, immediately won the 2008 WSBK Championship with the race version of the bike. Ducati, in their infinite wisdom, then issued 500 Limited Edition Bayliss 1098R’s for sale the following year to celebrate their victory.

New, the bike listed for $43,995. It was the same time period of the Desmosedici RR and both bikes were ridden back to back by testers in the day. Some felt the 1098R was a better track bike and the price difference being $30,000, a natural choice for use besides there being 1500 Desmo’s sold to the R’s 500. One thing that we have learned here at Automania over the years is that the life span of Desmo engine is about 2000 miles while the 1098R’s seem to last equally as long as other Ducati twins built to the same spec with proper maintenance.

Contact the seller through their website.

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss Plaque

Aside from the minor cosmetic blemishes mentioned by the seller, the bike is in top shape and very rare. Just 150 out of 500 were imported to the US in 2009 and, with just over 3,000 miles on the clock, this example isn't even broken in yet, although the seller does recommend that the belts be changed as a precaution as the bike has been largely unused for the past few years. These make amazing track-day or back road bikes, so collect or ride, the choice is yours.


2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss L Side

Featured Listing: 2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss LE for Sale


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