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Mondial February 23, 2015 posted by

Unobtanium Alert! Multiple Mondial Piegas for sale on ebay UK, including an EF version!

mondial black 1


Here are two (2!) of the ultra rare Mondial Piega models, both from the same seller.

For anyone not familiar with these bikes from previous RSBFS posts, FB Mondial was a small motorcycle manufacturer that had racing success in the 1940's and 50's but couldn't translate that success into a long term successful business model.  Mondial produced highly successful race bikes, many with the distinctive Dustbin fairings.  These bikes are considered to be some of the most beautiful bikes ever made and are now highly valued by collectors.  For example, the 1957 Mondial 125cc Grand Prix DOHC 'Dustbin' pictured below was recently offered for sale by Bonhams for over 110,000 USD (click the pic for more details).

1957 Mondial 125, Bonhams auction

Mondial Racebike

The Monidal bikes were so successful and so highly regarded that back in the 50's Soichiro Honda himself approached Mondial about purchasing their 125cc race bikes to help his company get up to speed (no pun intended).  When Honda won the 125cc and 250cc championships in 1961 the badges said Honda but the technology was Mondial.  FYI - This is why today, when you enter Honda's museum at its race track at Motegi, Japan, the first bike you see on display is a 125 Mondial.

By the mid 1960's Mondial was starting to struggle and in an interesting reversal, the company worked out an agreement with Honda to offer their bikes with Honda power. The Mondial brand continued on until the late 1970's but eventually it shutdown and fell into disuse.

In 2000, entrepreneur Roberto Zileti bought the dormant Mondial name from the original owner family and using his considerable wealth had a new Mondial designed.  The new bike was designed to compete in World Superbike racing and was to be powered by a Suzuki TL1000 V-twin engine but just before it was due to be launched Suzuki withdrew.  Ziletti then managed to convince Honda to supply the reborn Mondial with Honda SP-1 engines and the new Mondial Piega was born.

piega tank

While European bikes designed around Japanese engines have been known to promise more than they deliver (Im looking at you, Bimota), the Piega isn't one of those.  Mondial's engine modifications were small, consisting of a new intake and exhaust system and a reworking of the fuel injection mapping which bumped out the power a bit.  The major change was to weight; due to the extensive use of carbon-fiber,, the Piega is 45lb lighter than the SP-1.

Reviewers were quite enthusiastic over the bike, stating:

"the bike also feels faster than the latest Honda SP and the handling is at least as good. The SP-1 felt awkward and at times unstable with an especially flighty front end. The Piega is better, with great stability."

"The main development rider for the Piega was a 250cc race champion and it shows in the results...the Piega somehow manages to feel like a much smaller can be flicked into a corner and re-positioned mid-turn.  Also the very high quality race-based suspension gives the bike a tactile quality."

"You don't have to ride the Piega fast to savor the sensations it offers, because it's enormously rewarding at most speeds, but when you do it responds with a top-level ability. Of course the bike is also great to look at in its traditional blue and silver livery, although the combination of hard edges and curves occasionally clashes and the droop of the tail plate unit detracts from the bike's aggression."

2003? Blue and White Piega for sale on ebay UK

Here is the first one, a year isnt specified but it looks to be one of the early edition bikes, possibly a 2003.  Mileage is listed as Zero/new.  Asking price is 17,000 GBP which comes out to about 26,000 USD.

mondial 1 front

modial 1 side

While normally I am wary anytime someone says Zero/o miles for a bike, this one does look absolutely clean.  NOTE:  There have also been comments on previous RSBFS Piega posts that 11 of these bikes were "taken" by employees who didn't receive their paychecks after the company went bankrupt and that these are considered stolen.

Now here is the second one, an EF/Finale Edition version in lovely black and carbon fiber.

mondial black 1

2008? Mondial Piega EF/Final Edition

piega black side 2

The build history on the Final Edition/EF versions is a bit vague and the only info I can find is a brief mention of them being launched in 2008.   It seems like the EF version was produced out of Piega backstock with different carbon based bodywork similar to that from the Mondial GP bike.   The seller indicates this 1 of 10 EF versions which may account for its higher asking price of 22,500 GBP/35,000 USD.

modianl black back

Now, the question is, what are these bikes worth?  The Mondial Piega is certainly a rare sportbike based on the listed production numbers and finding one let alone two in brand new condition is pretty amazing.  Even so, I think the price for these may be a bit high.  Previous postings on RSBFS  went for quite a bit less than the asking price but those posts were for US bikes, the bikes weren't 0 miles bikes and occurred while the financial crisis was still ongoing.  Perhaps someone can work out a package deal for both...?


Note:  This seller appears to have quite a few high end bikes for sale, including a Bimota VDue Evoluzione, which is the upgraded version equipped with carburetors.

Unobtanium Alert!  Multiple Mondial Piegas for sale on ebay UK, including an EF version!
Ducati February 5, 2014 posted by

8 Mile Ducati Desmosedici RR in San Francisco Bay Area

Update 6.6.2014: The seller has alerted me that this bike is now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Ducati Desmosedici for sale DD16

If you're a collector that has been holding out for a nearly new DD16, your wait is over. This example has just 8 miles and has been kept indoors it's whole life. Just in case this is your first introduction to this legendary offering, it's as close as you're going to get to a modern, street legal, MotoGP bike. 377 pounds dry and 197hp from it's V4 propel this collectible to 190mph! I've seen only a handful of these on the street and even at an event like the Indy MotoGP stop, they are show stoppers wherever they turn up even several years later.

Thank you to Joel for helping to support the site with a Featured Listing and good luck with the sale!




from the seller:

I am the 2nd owner of the bike and have recently acquired it. The original owner had it stored inside his home as do I now. The bike only has 8 miles from the initial set up of the bike by a certified DD16 mechanic. The bike is in 100% perfect collector condition. I am asking MSRP which is $72K and will accept trade plus cash offers on a Desmosedici with miles. These bikes are getting harder and harder to find in this condition with such low mileage. I have been searching for over 3 years and this is the lowest mileage Desmosidici I've come across. The original owner had over $90K invested in the bike. If the bike does not sell within a month I will put it on eBay but am in no rush to sell.

Bike includes the Full Titanium Termignoni $10K exhaust as well as the Ducati Performance Carbon Fiber rear hugger. Both factory exhaust systems, ECU's and factory fairings are all included in perfect condition as well. Both keys, the factory rear stand and the manual is included.

8 Mile Ducati Desmosedici RR in San Francisco Bay Area
Honda January 23, 2014 posted by

1979 Honda CBX 1000 available in San Francisco Bay Area

Update #2 1.26.2014: Sold in Just 3 Days! Get your bike sold fast with a Featured Listing.

Update 1.26.2014: Updated price now $7000. From the seller:

It has been brought to my attention by a RSFS reader that the bike has had some paint work done on the tank, and the rear tailpiece replaced. I had a CBX “expert” confirm this, and while not apparent when you take a look at the bike, there is a missing sticker on the tank that would have been under the clear coat, and another sticker in its place. With this in mind, I feel I should lower the price on the bike to $7K obo, which is a more accurate reflection of its market value, given the paint.

I also have 16 high-res (4meg) images of all the “patina” on the bike, as well as a video of it running that I can share with interested buyers.

Honda CBX for sale

Today's Feature Listing is this tasty and mildly upgraded Honda CBX 1000! Designed by Honda engineers to flex a little corporate muscle, this 1047cc, six cylinder, 24-valve air cooled rocket remains one of the most coveted bikes of the 1980s. When it comes to the "naked bike" genre - where the motor is everything - there is nothing like a CBX.


This example has seen 3 owners and just 12k miles since new. Tim's asking price is a mere $9k $7k and we feel this is a very fair asking price based on previous CBX sales.


Contact Tim by email if interested

Thanks for helping support the site with a Featured Listing and good luck with the sale Tim!



from the seller:

Ready to sell my 1979 CBX. 3rd owner. Always garaged. 12K miles. Runs well. Sport Kit. Pipemasters Stainless 6 into 6 exhaust - sounds great!. Works Performance air-adjustable shocks. New Tires. New brake pads and fluid. Battery always on tender. Solid cosmetic condition with some scratches. Original seat that looks original. Everything works on this bike and it is a solid, ridable first-generation sport bike . Easily restored, but I bought it to ride and enjoy. Includes OEM exhaust that is in rough, but restorable, condition. 3 into 2 exhaust also (probably Bub). All original controls that were replaced by the sport kit. Extra clutch cable and clutch basket. $9K $7k or best offer. Available immediately in San Rafael CA

1979 Honda CBX 1000 available in San Francisco Bay Area
Ducati January 22, 2014 posted by

21 Questions: 2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss


Actually, there are fewer questions than 21 when it comes to this model Ducati. I think the major ones to ask are "where?" and "how much?" The rest will pretty much figure itself out. With low miles, unique paint and the seemingly ubiquitous limited edition numbered headstock, this is not your ordinary 1098. This isn't even an ordinarly R model bike. Search for all the Bayliss edition models posted on RSBFS to do you homework, then make sure and check out this great looking 2009 model.

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss Edition for sale on eBay


From the seller:
This motorcycle is a 2009 1098R Bayliss edition #171 of 500. It has just been recently serviced with belts changed. This motorcycle has 4273 miles on it and is in amazing condition. This motorcycle comes with a plaque, special bike cover, and a DDA.



21 Questions: 2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss
Ducati July 1, 2013 posted by

2002 Ducati 998S Troy Bayliss #366

2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss For Sale

Located in Weston, Massachusetts, is this Troy Bayliss limited edition Ducati 998S. Unlike the one we posted the other day, this one has been ridden albeit sparingly having covered just 6300 miles. While I realize we've been on a bit of tear with these as of late, 916/996/998 prices are on the rise and the limited edition bikes, even if just sticker specials, lead the pack of standards just behind the R bikes. Not to mention they are incredibly stunning to look at while paying tribute to one of Ducati's most favored racers in recent history. This example has an opening bid just shy of $10k with no bidders at current and over 5 days remaining.


2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss for sale on eBay


from the seller:

I am selling my rare 2002 Ducati 998S Troy Bayliss Limited Edition Replica motorcycle. This bike is numbered 366 from a limited production run of 400. In addition to standard parts the machine features a full Termignoni sports exhaust system, and slipper clutch. The machine was last serviced (at a cost of $2,527.56) in August 2011 by Superbike Italia when the milage was 5,804. In addition to the full 6,000 mile service the timing belts were replaced as was the rear chain and sprocket, and a new battery fitted. The suspension also received a full service with replacement springs and fork fluid. The machine is in excellent condition and has never been raced, dropped or damaged and has lived in a garage since new. I am the third owner. The bike comes with a clear title (Massachusetts), keys, owners manual, rear paddock stand and an autographed plaque by Troy himself.




Kawasaki May 15, 2013 posted by

Hey You!? Better Be Fast On eBay For This: Kawasaki KR1-S (Germany)

The Kawasaki 250cc two stroke sport bikes were part of the KR series. These, were the alternatives to Suzuki's RGV, Honda’s NSR and Yamaha’s TZR. All of them were more or less extreme race replica bikes. In particular the KR1 with its parallel twin motor was among the fastest. It also had a great chassis and a beautiful color scheme, perfectly suited for a sport focused bike. I am sure that some of you will have their heart beating faster when you see this. Whether this will be caused by a deep sense of nostalgia, a feeling of dejavois or an irresistible desire to buy once again what you (regretfully) let go some years ago, it doesn't really matter. What matters now, is that in Germany, a nice fellow is offering you the possibility to realize a small dream. And I say “nice fellow” because in the background of his garage, below the Ferrari sign, there is a Martini sponsored Vespa, which means we might have a true petrol head here.


The opportunity is given with this low mileage and unmolested Kawasaki KR1-S model. With less than 23000 km it is also in full original condition.


If these pictures aren't enough to convince you, then have a listen to this:

(video is not of the particular sample on sale)
This quite rare (for the conditions) smoker is available for a mere 2900 EUR BIN !

As I said, better be fast on this one...

Kawasaki KR1-S in Germany



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