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Ducati February 15, 2016 posted by

Featured Listing: 2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss LE for Sale

Update 2.15.2016: Now on eBay. Good luck to buyers and seller. -dc

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss R Side

Designed to bring sex appeal and sales success back to Ducati after the aesthetically disappointing 999, the 1098 was a visual restyle and mechanical evolution of their four-valve superbike line introduced in 2007. Although styling is subjective, it's pretty clear that the redesign resonated with fans of the marque and the bike was a big seller for Ducati. Today's Featured 1098R represents the very top of the range.

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss L Front

While that little letter at the end of the name looks pretty innocuous, the Ducati's "R" models are homologation specials that share little besides the silhouette, engine cases, and frame with their more common siblings. A larger bore and shorter stoke, combined with titanium rods and valves to save weight, let the bike rev higher and harder: with the race kit installed, the bike made a claimed 189hp. The R in fact displaces a full 1198cc, which is just a hair less than WSB regulations allow for v-twins.

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss R Fairing

But it wasn't just the hard parts that were special: the bike included the cutting-edge Ducati Datalogging Analyzer and the first traction control ever fitted to a road-legal motorcycle. This sophisticated Ducati Traction Control system featured 8 levels of control designed to help riders go faster, safer, something that is now the norm on high-performance sportbikes.

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss Dash

Today's R is just that little bit more special, done up in Troy Bayliss replica colors. Possibly not the most subtle paint scheme, but there's no denying that rider's impressive career and longstanding relationship with Ducati, as he rode their bikes to three World Superbike championships.

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss L Tail

From the seller: 2009 Ducati 1098R LE Bayliss Replica for Sale

The 1098R Bayliss LE is one of the more interesting of the Ducati line in terms of nomenclature. In 2007 Ducati came out with the 1098 which was had as it’s heart, a 1099cc engine. It brought back the styling presence lost by the 999 with it’s two sided rear swing arm, attending body work and exhaust. Real world acceptance of Ducati had started with the 916, the most iconic vision of a motorcycle ever produced with it’s single sided rear swing arm and huge racing successes. The 999 never really jelled with buyers despite being a better motorcycle in most respects. Ducati was not lost to the conclusion.

The 1098 came back to it’s successful styling clues even if it meant compromises in handing capacity due to it’s layout. Despite this, Ducati was able to improve the handling and power of the bike over the 999 and they flew off the floor. There were three models, the base 1098, the 1098S and 1098R. The 999 had proven to Ducati that they had reached the physical and mechanical endurance limits of competitive racing in WSBK, which up to 2008, limited the displacement of twins to 1000cc. By introducing the 1098 in 2007, an engine that was larger then the WSBK limit for twins, Ducati stacked the deck with the threat of removing it’s self from world class competition. Much hand wringing and lobbing latter, WSBK eventually increased this limit for twins to 1200cc for the 2008 season assuming that this would create an equal playing field for all of the manufactures. The only ones happy with this were Ducati with Suzuki threatening, rightfully, to withdraw at the perceived disadvantage of displacement regardless of the fact that the twins could only be modified from the factory build slightly.

Not to be shy, Ducati stuffed the 90° V-twin Testastretta Evoluzione into the 1098 for an 1198cc version of the bike with Carbon Fiber Body Work, Forged Marchesini Wheels and Ohlin’s Suspension to homologate the 1098R. Nothing like cubic inches. Ducati, along with Troy Bayliss, immediately won the 2008 WSBK Championship with the race version of the bike. Ducati, in their infinite wisdom, then issued 500 Limited Edition Bayliss 1098R’s for sale the following year to celebrate their victory.

New, the bike listed for $43,995. It was the same time period of the Desmosedici RR and both bikes were ridden back to back by testers in the day. Some felt the 1098R was a better track bike and the price difference being $30,000, a natural choice for use besides there being 1500 Desmo’s sold to the R’s 500. One thing that we have learned here at Automania over the years is that the life span of Desmo engine is about 2000 miles while the 1098R’s seem to last equally as long as other Ducati twins built to the same spec with proper maintenance.

Contact the seller through their website.

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss Plaque

Aside from the minor cosmetic blemishes mentioned by the seller, the bike is in top shape and very rare. Just 150 out of 500 were imported to the US in 2009 and, with just over 3,000 miles on the clock, this example isn't even broken in yet, although the seller does recommend that the belts be changed as a precaution as the bike has been largely unused for the past few years. These make amazing track-day or back road bikes, so collect or ride, the choice is yours.


2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss L Side

Featured Listing: 2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss LE for Sale
Aprilia November 14, 2015 posted by

1 of 3: 1983 Waddon 250cc race bike/works racer on ebay UK

Here is one that to my knowledge has only been on RSBFS once before, a  Wadon 250cc powered by a tandem twin two stroke.  The pictures aren't very good but the concept behind the bike is certainly interesting and this is supposed to be one of the Waddon company works racers so I thought it was worth a post.

waddon 6

NOTE:  The pic above is of a different bike than the one in the auction (note the different tank decal) but I posted due to the low number of pics in the actual auction.

Personally I wasn't familiar with the tandem two stroke concept prior to writing this post but what I can find out, back in the mid 1980's Rotax offered a 250cc tandem two stroke engine as a powerplant.  The engine was essential a pair of two stroke cylinder units whose pistons rose and fell together but one cylinder ran forward and the other backward while tandem gears were linked to the cranks and kept everything in sync.  The engine came with power valved exhaust ports, rotary valved intake ports and incorporated a dry clutch, straight cut primary gears and water-cooling.   While it sounds a bit wonky the result was apparently quite something, with a properly tuned tandem two stroke Rotax able to produce around 90hp which was big power for a 250cc in the mid 1980's.
The Rotax engine allowed smaller manufacturers to go racing, with perhaps the most well known of these being Aprilia. In this case it was used by the Waddon Performance Products company in the UK (which was predominantly a frame maker) as the powerplant in a series of racing motorcycles.  The Waddon racing effort was launched in 1981 and featured the rotax engine mounted in the tubular spine frame the company was renowned for.  The bike was competitive but not wildly succesful and Waddon folder up shop shortly after.
Here is what the seller has posted in their ebay uk listing.   Its a bit sparse and more pics would be nice.
  • One of only three Waddon 250cc racing machines (verified in writing by the manager of their Race Team).
  • It needs slight re-commissioning and possibly crack testing of some components (it is, after all, a fast race bike).
  • There are some spares and documents with it.
  • A rare opportunity to own an exotic piece of machinery. A complete change of plans has resulted in this machine being put up for sale. Now fitted with the correct rear wheel


What is this piece of British motorcycle racing history worth?   Well bikes from the early 1980's that fall into the "Classic Grand Prix" class seem to be creeping up in value but most of the trading seems to be occurring between serious collectors or curators.  Prices seem to still be hovering around 15,000 USD as evidenced by Bonhams listings from a few years ago and what we have seen previously on RSBFS.     While it is interesting and is certainly a rare sportbike, I think this one will appeal most to the technically minded collector or someone who remembers the bike from their youth.


1 of 3:  1983 Waddon 250cc race bike/works racer on ebay UK
Laverda October 5, 2015 posted by

Keep the lav going: 1999 Laverda Formula on ebay uk

Hot on the heels of the RGS posted by Tad D on Sunday, here is a very lovely 1999 Laverda Formula 750s Formula edition for sale on ebay UK.

I will admit to being biased about the bike posted below; its one of my personal favorites.  The Formula editions were the top of the lineup bike of the Zane era, with upgraded camshafts and race-spec ECU chips.  These upgrades were in addition to the 750 series standard kit of a Nico Baker designed frame, marchesini wheels, letterbox gas tank, brembo brakes and carbon fiber goodies.  Plus the black and orange bodywork (which was the original livery/paint scheme offered by the factory) is attractive but not outlandish; not as monocromatic as a Ducati 748 but not as graphically eye bending as a Vance and Hines edition Yamaha FZR.


1999 Laverda Formula for sale on ebay uk

While reviews declared the parallel twin powered Laverda to be an equal to or better than its competion (such as the Ducati 748), the Formula edition only lasted for two years.  The effort was hampered by a nearly non-existent marketing budget, squabbling ownership and typical small manufacturer production concerns.   On top of this, the the Zane-era laverda's developed a reputation for crank problems due to oiling issues at high mileage.   The entire concern fell apart in late 2000 and entered bankruptcy and while an attempted rescue by Aprilia raised hopes for a bit, Aprilia itself was soon acquired by Piaggio and the marque was shelved in 2003.  The result is that the 1999 and 2000 series Formula are considered to be the last true race spec Laverda's produced.


Condition of this particular formula looks excellent, with only some small aftermarket parts such as a double bubble screen, footpeg ends and handgrips appearing to be non-standard/OEM.  The only issues I see in the pics (other than the aftermarket pieces) is a bit of paint being off the wheels and the very edge of the lower fairing, both typical items for an italian bike of this era.  Also the speedo is cracked but the seller indicates a replacement is available.


Regarding maintenance, the seller states that a recommended upgrade to a stainless oil filter and oil upgrade to prevent the aforementioned crank issues has already been done. The seller is also an active poster on the yahoo zanelist forum and appears to have a nice 2000 series formula still tucked away in the garage, so the knowledge of what it takes to maintain the bike would seem to be genuine.

Here is some other things the the seller mentions in their ebay post

  • Battery is fine and charges, lights work and indicators flash, never failed to start.
  • Have previous MOT's, a stamped service book and the original owners manuals, both for the bike and Paioli suspension. I'll put a new MOT on it too.
  • One of the pictures shows a crack on the speedo face. I have another set of clocks that I can throw in with the sale should the price be right.
  • There is also a small amount of flaking to the wheels, an unfortunate side effect of aluminium wheels. These can be re-powder coated for around £80-£100 per set.


Is this bike worth the 4000 GBP asking price?  Actually I think its worth more, given its condition and rareity.  Prices are definitely starting to creep up on the Formula editions, with the 2000 series really jumping up lately.  1999 versions of the Formula like this one are are essentially the same bike with different bodywork  and this one looks to be in very good condition.

Overall I think this is a great opportunity for a collector or laverda fan in the UK to obtain one of the final "true" laverda bikes.   and perhaps enjoy it a bit or tuck it away in a collection and let prices keep appreciating.  Long term I think this one will definitely be more treat than trick.


Keep the lav going:  1999 Laverda Formula on ebay uk
Yamaha May 21, 2015 posted by

BSB Replica – 1995 YZF750SP on eBay UK

1995 Yamaha YZF70SP on eBay UK


If you were a Superbike racing junkie like me in the 90s, you know that BSB provided some of the best racing to be found.  Like AMA Superbike, it was a launching point for some of the biggest name to eventually hit the WSBK scene and the BSB riders always did the home crowds proud when WSBK made their annual stops at Brand's Hatch.  I always loved the Boost Yamaha's livery and this replica is a beauty.  Underneath the vibrant purple paint lies all of the homologation goodies that the SP was known for including the solo seat, an adjustable front and rear suspension, 39mm flatslide carburetors, more aggressive cams and a close ratio transmission.  Niall Mackenzie would be proud.  That tall windscreen has to go though... it just looks, wrong!


As a YZF750R owner, I think the SP is overlooked in the homologation world.  It's overshadowed by the OW01 and R7, I think (perhaps foolishly) that I'd rather have an SP over those two.  The eBay auction does not have a lot of details, but if you want to check it out, you can find it here: 1995 Yamaha YZF750SP on eBay UK

Yamaha YZF750 SP painted in Cadbury boost paint job, immaculate condition for year! MOT'd & Taxed, Excellent opportunity to buy a rare bike like this one.  The bike qualifies for classic insurance due to being 20years young.  Has a bimota topend converstion, very quick bike!! VIEWING A MUST FOR SERIOUS BIDDERS. 


BSB Replica – 1995 YZF750SP on eBay UK
Yamaha May 13, 2015 posted by

Pure Sports – Clean 1988 Yamaha FZR1000 on eBay

1988 Yamaha FZR1000 on eBay


It seems as though spring has brought out the big dogs in the form of another very clean Yamaha FZR-1000 for sale on eBay.  This one is sporting a more subdued color scheme compared with some earlier listings and looks great.  Even though it's a bit long in the tooth, the big Fizzer is no slouch on the road.  Yamaha claimed 145hp and it's dry weight of 460lbs was lighter than both the ZX-11 and GSXR-1100.  While both of those bikes were a bit more focused on straightline speed, the FZR-1000 was more focused in the corners while still being able to keep up on the highway.  This one appears mostly stock, with the exception of a slip on Yoshimura exhaust, a new battery and fresh tires.  The $2500 "Buy It Now" price seems very reasonable for this classic liter bike and I suspect somebody will be clicking their mouse pretty quickly on it.


From the seller's eBay auction, seen here: 1988 Yamaha FZR-1000 on eBay

1988 Yamaha FZR 1000, This 27yr old bike looks New. Clean Garage Kept 33943 original miles. Never dropped, downed or wrecked. This bike will grab attention everywhere you ride it. New dry lightweight battery. New Pirelli Tires. K&N Filter. Yoshimura Pipe. Long Island, NY Pick-up only, no shipping. 17 inch wheels front and rear.

Pure Sports – Clean 1988 Yamaha FZR1000 on eBay
Kawasaki May 12, 2015 posted by

Bay Ridge Barn ( well, storage unit ) Find – 1984 Kawasaki GPz-750

Hard as they are to find, unmolested early sportbikes pop up occasionally.  This pre-Ninja 750 appeared on the New York Craigslist recently.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left

1984 Kawasaki GPz-750 for sale on Craigslist

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left front

Developed from the KZ-750, the GPz-750 had 92 hp, new frame with Uni-Trak rear suspension, and generally more sport-oriented.  The sweet bikini fairing foreshadows the full fairing to come later.  For 1984, mostly color changes but slightly raising the clip-on handlebars made the bike friendlier.  Rubber front engine mounts helped, too.  The smallish 280mm brakes nonetheless performed well.  Overall a speedy, stable rider.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left rear  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 right front wheel

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 right rear wheel  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left engine

From the Craigslist ad:

This bike has been very well maintained it's entire life by a mature older gentleman who kept it in clean, dry, and temperate storage. Pictures do not do this bike justice. The paint is in absolutely stunning original condition. This bike has no mechanical or electrical issues at all and can be ridden anywhere. The carburetors have been jetted and air box has been replaced with air filter pods. Vance and Hines full exhaust looks and runs great with the properly tuned carbs. This bike's motor pulls strong and has no issues. Chain and sprockets were replaced with new ones last year. Tires are in great condition with no dry rot and lots of tread left. This bike has to be seen in person to truly appreciate how clean it is.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 cockpit  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 tank

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 seat  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 nose

CL ads can be hyperbolic and poorly documented, but this common-sense ad has great pictures.  The GPz-750 was the fastest bike in its day and still has a lot to offer.  The silver paint and red/blue stripes look great, and the bike seems very clean overall.  Sensible asking price for such a pretty historic.  Certainly have to do your homework on a purchase like this but a GPz in such fine shape is worth a look.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left rear


Bay Ridge Barn ( well, storage unit ) Find – 1984 Kawasaki GPz-750


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